Casement Windows SM7 - Banstead

REHAU PVCu casement windows offer a comprehensive range of window styles, suitable for all types of buildings. All offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency as well as a choice of aesthetics.

Casement windows offer a wide choice of styles and colour finishes, which will fulfil the requirements for a variety of applications both in new build and refurbishment projects.

Fully Reversible Windows SM7 - Banstead

With all the superb good looks and technical expertise that is associated with REHAU, our PVCu reversible window is setting new standards in the window industry.

REHAU PVCu reversible windows do not compromise on quality and design whilst delivering a convenient option for windows in any type of application.

Our PVCu reversible windows give a contemporary appearance to any building and are designed to create the maximum light into the room, whilst offering easy maintenance. Their unique 180 degrees reversible action means that the external face can be cleaned from the inside of the room and allows a high level of ventilation.

Pivot Windows SM7 - Banstead

When used in high rise or taller buildings REHAU PVCu pivot windows facilitate easy and safe maintenance of the windows from the inside of the building, as the sash rotates through 180 degrees.

PVCu pivot windows are ideal for multi-storey buildings with large windows and are a popular choice for offices, apartments and town houses.

REHAU uPVC pivot windows combine practicality with aesthetics, whilst offering a high level of light.  Our PVCu pivot windows have the flexibility to be suitable for all types of property and are a popular choice with architects and specifiers.

Tilt/Turn Windows SM7 - Banstead

With superb good looks and technical expertise, tilt & turn windows do not compromise on quality and design, whilst delivering a flexible option for windows in any type of application.

Tilt & turn windows allow maximum light into the room with the option of a full or limited amount of ventilation. With the ‘tilt & turn’ opening system, this stylish PVCu window can be tilted inwards from the top for normal ventilation or can be fully opened from the side for full ventilation. This also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Available in a wide choice of colour finishes Tilt & turn window offers a flexible choice for refurbishments and new builds.

Heritage Sliding Windows SM7 - Banstead

uPVC Vertically Sliding Sash Window - The Future of Tradition

Sympathetic in style yet innovative in design, the REHAU Heritage Vertical Slider presents a whole world of new opportunity in both the replacement and new build markets.  The REHAU Heritage window system has been developed following extensive consultation with conservation bodies and housing associations.  The system offers a wide range of features and benefits.


Aluminium Doors SM7 - Banstead

This range is designed to meet high performance requirements in a variety of applications. The suite of profiles can be constructed to form single or double, open in or open out doors. 

Dualframe 75 HP Door SM7 - Banstead

Suitable for both the domestic and light commercial markets, the Dualframe door can be used to achieve both traditional and contemporary styling. Designed to ensure compatibility with a wide range of hardware, the High Performance Door also meets "Secured By Design" specification. .

Artline "Frameless" Sliding Door SM7 - Banstead

Elegantly bringing the outside inside, the Artline Door is art with a purpose - quality, lightness and comfort. It's design implies a conscious effort to create an art object that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Creative both in its design and in its effect on the building and the user, Artline is contemporary architecture at its best.

Crown Sliding Patio Door SM7 - Banstead

Featuring a number of aesthetic, functional and installation benefits, our Crown sliding patio doors are the key to bringing the outside and inside together. Engineered for strength, stability, performance and aesthetics, these wide opening doors let you enjoy the best views and, with our strong yet slim frame design, the light floods in too.   

We have other products available, please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Conservatories SM7 - Banstead

In addition to our extensive range of Aluminium & PVCu doors & windows we are also offer a bespoke made to order service for conservatories and other architectual glass and metal (or plastic) structures. Please contact us to arrange a vist from one of our experts.



Aluminium Windows SM7 - Banstead

Crown Casement Windows SM7 - Banstead

The Crown Casement Window System creates side or top hung windows and fixed lights as individual elements or as truly co-ordinated multi-light windows. The system's capabilities and range of options, including those providing structural performance, are particularly comprehensive and can accommodate a vast array of window designs.

Dualframe Casement Windows SM7 - Banstead

The Dualframe Casement is suitable for installation in new build or refurbishment projects, particularly residential, educational and light commercial applications. Standard or 'softline' transoms, mullions and outerframes are available to achieve a traditional or contemporary appearance. 

Dualslide Vertical Sliding Windows SM7 - Banstead

Dualslide is the new solution to vertical sliding windows. Utilising advanced polyamide thermal break technology, Dualslide Vertical Sliding Windows provide high thermal performance without the need to resort to foam filled profiles or complex and costly sealed unit specifications. 

Dualframe 75mm Reversible windows SM7 - Banstead

Dualframe signifies a new era in aluminium fenestration, with products that have been specifical designed to comply with the ever increasing complexity of Building Regulations, British Standards and other regulatory demands. 

Dualslide Horizontal Sliding windows SM7 - Banstead

Dualslide is the new solution to horizontal sliding windows. Utilising advanced polyamide thermal break technology, Dualslide Horizontal Sliding Windows provide high thermal performance without the need to resort to foam filled profiles or complex and costly sealed unit specifications.. 

PVC / PVCu Doors SM7 - Banstead

French Doors SM7 - Banstead

REHAU offer a wide range of possibilities when a large opening is required to link the inside of a building to the outside. Our French doors provide great aesthetics, durability and are energy efficient.  REHAU French doors are available in both the REHAU TOTAL70 70mm and REHAU Tritec 60mm profile systems, offering a range of colours and finishes to suit any property.

Residential Doors SM7 - Banstead

REHAU entrance doors are available with a choice of profiles, available in open-in and open-out styles for a variety of installations.

Our entrance doors are compatible with casement, reversible, pivot and tilt/turn windows and French, tilt/slide and bi-fold doors

Available in a wide range of colour options, REHAU entrance doors will meet all requirements, making them a natural choice for the specifier and trade markets, where they can be utilised in new build and refurbishment projects.

Multi-Fold / Bi-Fold Doors SM7 - Banstead

As a popular alternative to more traditional PVC French doors and PVC sliding patio doors, REHAU PVC Multi-Fold doors can create an open plan feel for any type of building. The multi-facet panes of the REHAU Multi-Fold door fold back to allow a wide opening offering unrestricted access and bringing the outside into the inside.

Great appearance and advanced performance mean inevitable demand for a modern and sophisticated door system full of benefits.

In-line Patio Doors SM7 - Banstead

REHAU S717 patio doors are perfect for modern living, combining superior design and engineering to bring outstanding versatility and create a feeling of openness in any home. Versatile and good looking, REHAU S717 PVCu In-line Patio Doors offer slim sightlines, thereby adding light and freedom. It is ideal as a traditional patio door, entrance door or a door leading to a conservatory.

With PVCu patio doors providing energy efficiency, noise reduction and low maintenance, it is the perfect choice for any application.

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